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Jim is the drummer and bandleader for multi-platinum group, Rascal Flatts as well as being an Adjunct Professor of Drumset Studies at Belmont University Since moving to Nashville in 1997, Jim he has played over a thousand of sold out shows for millions of fans. His television credits include The Grammy Awards, The Tonight Show, The American Music Awards, The Voice, American Idol, Dancing with the stars, Oprah, and The Today Show. Jim’s recording credits include Rascal Flatts most recent album ‘Back to Us’ including the #1 hit single “Yours If You Want It”, ‘Me and My Gang (album)’, EA sports ‘MADDEN Football’, Brian McKnight’s album, ‘Ten’ as well as TV/movie soundtracks for “Heaven is Real”, ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’ and The hit show, Nashville.

Jim’s has been constantly recognized by his peers as being one of the best in the business. 2011-2015, 2017 Jim was voted “Best Country Drummer” by the readers of Modern Drummer Magazine as well as winning “Best Drum Clinician” in 2009. The readers of DRUM! Agree voting Jim “Country drummer of the year” 2008-2010, 2012-2013.2016

In May of 2014 Jim was featured on the cover of Modern Drummer.

Jim attended University of North Texas where he received his degree in Music Education. In addition to being one of Nashville’s elite touring drummers, Jim has become internationally recognized as a clinician and educator. His 2011 Clinic for Modern Drummer Fest was filmed and released on DVD in November of 2011. His teaching studio “The Drum Dojo,” opened up in 2007 and is a place where Jim can teach the great drummers of tomorrow. He is also a published composer, and a frequent educational columnist for Modern Drummer Magazine. Jim has been a member of both the Pro panel and educational panel for MD as well as a member of the PAS drum set committee. His first book, “Song Charting Made Easy: a play along guide to the Nashville number system” (Hal Leonard Publications) was released in June 2010 and is now in its 4th printing. Jim’s latest book, “Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer” (Alfred Publishing) is a documented #1 best seller on Amazon and was voted “Best drum book” of 2016 by the readers of DRUM! magazine. He is sponsored by Ludwig, Sabian, Remo, Gibraltar, Latin Percussion,Innovative Percussion, LP and Roland..

TV Credits

The Grammy Awards
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
The Late Show with David Letterman
Dick Clarks Rockin’ New Years Eve
The Voice
American Idol
Dancing with the Stars
The Today Show
Good Morning America
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
The Jimmy Kimmel Show
Jimmy Fallon
The View
The American Music Awards
The Academy Of Country Music Awards
The Country Music Association Awards
Rascal Flatts “Nothing Like This” Primetime Special

Recording Credits

Rascal Flatts - How They Remember you EP

Rascal Flatts- Back to Us including the single, “Yours If You Want It.”

Rascal Flatts - Rewind (Studio Bonus Tracks)

Rascal Flatts - Me and My Gang (6x Platinum)

Rascal Flatts – Live

Rascal Flatts - Still Feels Good (bonus tracks)

Rascal Flatts - Feels Like Today (bonus tracks)

Rascal Flatts & Lucy Hale- Let it go from the album “We Love Disney”

Jason Scheff Here I am

Chip Esten single, Like New featured on the ABC show, ‘Nashville’

Brian McKnight - Ten

Holly Tucker (The Voice) Steel

Jeff Scheetz - Pawn Shop

Movie Credits

Heaven Is For Real

Hannah Montana The Movie (Soundtrack and on Camera)

Christmas in the Heartland (November 2017) (Soundtrack and on Camera)

Rascal Flatts CHANGED

DVD Credits
Modern Drummer festival 2011 (Hudson)
Ultimate Drum Lessons: Hand Technique And Rudiments (Hudson)
Rascal Flatts - All Access and Uncovered

TV recording Credits

ABC’s Nashville

ESPN’s “My Wish” theme

Video Game Credits

Madden Football 2011 video game


Modern Drummer (Inverted Paradiddle)
DRUM! Magazine (Drumheads)
Jim Riley 2006 Modern Drummer Article
The Nashville Number System - Part 1
The Nashville Number System - Part 2


2020 Tour set up

Drums - Ludwig Classic Maple Drums in the Aged Onyx finish

8X8 Rack tom

8x10 Rack tom

9x13 Rack tom

14x16 floor tom

16x18 floor tom

16x20 floor tom

(2) 16x24 bass drums

6.5x14 Copperphonic snare

Cymbals - Sabian
15” Artisan hats
18” Artisan Crash
19” Artisan Crash
20” Artisan Crash
24” Artisan Ride

Heads - Remo
Toms - Clear Emperors (batter), Clear Ambassadors (resonant)
Bass Drum - Clear Powerstroke3 (batter), Smooth white Powerstroke3 (resonant)
Snare - Coated CS (Batter0, Snare Ambassador (resonant)

Sticks - Jim Riley BALANCE POINT, Balance point Bass Drum Beater

Percussion - LP
Tambourine, LP ridge rider cowbell.

Roland TM6
MacBook Pro running Abelton live
Clark Synthesis Prosound429 Thumper
Direct sound extreme isolation headphones model EX-29

Hardware - Gibraltar
Road Series Spider Rack

Microphones Earthworks

Photo of Jim


Innovative Percussion
Latin Percussion
Clark Synthesis